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Restaurants in Snowshoe WV

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Restaurants in Snowshoe WV

A great must-visit destination in West Virginia is Snowshoe, famously known as the home to Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort. Snowshoe is a gorgeous place where people mainly go skiing, snowboarding, or do some other outdoor adventure (mountain biking in the Summer). While having fun and engaging in various activities, one is bound to work up an appetite. Below are some of the best restaurants in Snowshoe WV, and surrounding areas that will assist in deciding where to get a good meal.

Cheat Mountain Pizza

This restaurant is situated right in the center of the village and serves any Italian Cuisine you will love. The menu has excellent dishes, which include salads, sandwiches, pasta, and signature pizzas.

It has an indoor and outdoor sitting area making and is a great restaurant option. The most sought-after dish on Cheat Mountain Pizza’s menu is the Supreme Pizza which has all sorts of toppings one could think of, like olives, onions, sausage, cheese, peppers, and pepperoni.

The atmosphere in this restaurant is laid back and friendly; however, during peak times, it gets crowded quickly as people are visiting Snowshoe, WV. The price at Cheat Mountain Pizza is relatively affordable, with a majority of the dishes ranging from $15 to $28 for the biggest pizza pie.

Sunset Cantina

This restaurant is among the best Snowshoe WV restaurants for a good reason. It has excellent hospitality, affordable prices, and meals with delicious flavors. Sunset Cantina serves up the best Southwestern cuisines in the entire village of Snowshoe, with dishes such as burritos, tacos, nachos, and many others.

You are guaranteed to enjoy anything on the menu, no matter what you are in the mood for. The most famous dish on the menu is the Three Meat Nachos, followed by the Chicken Burrito. The restaurant’s interior has colorful accents and is quite laid back. It is a famous restaurant and can get extremely busy during peak times.

Foxfire Grille

This restaurant is the perfect pick for a person looking to wind down after a long day in Snowshoe. The menu has something for everyone with comfort food options that include chicken tenders, hearty barbeque, sandwiches, and more.

Foxfire Grille has been frequently ranked as the top American restaurant in Snowshoe WV, on TripAdvisor. It is among the perfect places to watch the sunset on the mountain. In addition, the atmosphere is excellent for a night out with friends and accommodates children if one is traveling with the family.

The restaurant has an amiable staff who always have stories to tell. The most sought-after dish on the menu is the Roasted Pork Shank which has excellent reviews. Foxfire Grille is a dine-in restaurant established in a lodge with lively decorations.

Foxfire Grill

Appalachia Kitchen

For someone who is considering splurging a little, this restaurant is among the best in Snowshoe. It is a farm-to-table restaurant that offers many ingredients sourced locally; hence the menu is always changing depending on the season. Appalachia Kitchen is situated in the new Corduroy Lodge, offering the best sunset views of the Allegheny Mountains that are close by.

The head chef, Ed Shuttleworth, has a variety of options on his menu, which include Roasted Beet, Elysian Field Lamb Shank, Pan-Seared Day Boat Scallops, Goat Cheese Salad, and many more. Appalachia Kitchen is the perfect choice for couples visiting Snowshoe, as it has an extensive beer and wine list, a luxurious atmosphere, and a very professional staff.

The Junction

This restaurant is among the best historical places in Snowshoe to eat due to its historic decorations on the walls and the lively, comfortable and homey atmosphere. Their food is served up pretty fast, and the staff is also super friendly. The menu consists of mainly American dishes with some high-ranking foods such as Hot Wings, Junction Burger, Venison Chili, and many others.

The standard price in The Junction ranges from $14 to $18, which is considered mid-range for restaurants in Snowshoe. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating options. The outdoor seating option looks directly at the slopes, providing fantastic scenic views.

Restaurants in Snowshoe WV

Old Spruce Tavern

This restaurant is among the most unique in Snowshoe. The majority of the locals constantly go to this place, making it different from the other restaurants in this town. Old Spruce Tavern has several locations around Snowshoe, including the Brewery, Draft House, and Tavern.

The Brewery is located at the entrance of Silver Creek, down the mountain, while Draft House and Tavern are in the village. The food is served up pretty fast, and they do not have any fried food dishes on the menu. Most of the items on the menu include salads, soups, and sandwiches, which are made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The most popular dish is the Gone Nuts Banana Split dessert.

Old Spruce Tavern is not big; therefore, one can find it hard to get a sitting area. Fortunately, they offer to take away options. Second to Foxfire Grille, Old Spruce Tavern is constantly ranked among the top American restaurants in Snowshoe. The majority of their meals range between $10 and $30.

The Boathouse

The Boathouse is based on Shaver’s Lake at the bottom of Ballhooter.
It is a small restaurant established in a lodge creating a very comfortable atmosphere in the winter seasons. It also has an outdoor seating area that has several picnic-style tables.

The restaurant is an excellent spot for someone who is looking to recharge from outdoor activities, especially since it is very close to a lift. It is among the most affordable restaurants in the entire village. The menu comprises all the bases: fries, burgers, beer, mashed potatoes, and much more. It is essentially great for a quick stop before one runs back to hit the mountains.

Hoot’s Bar and Grill

This restaurant is a fast-food joint that offers a casual vibe making it a popular choice. It provides breakfast and lunch with options like Mountain Bean Chili, Biscuits and Gravy, Hoot’s Famous Smash Cheeseburger, and Breakfast Sandwiches on its menu. Its affordable prices contribute to the popularity of the restaurant, with nothing costing more than $14 on the menu and the standard price being close to $10.

The menu is not as extensive as in other restaurants, but the food is delicious. The interior of Hoot’s Bar and Grill is lively, with ample seating, a bar, and pool tables. The peak season can get quite busy, so getting there early is advisable to ensure one gets a seat.

Tuque’s Bar and Grill

Tuque’s Bar and Grill is an American restaurant named after the French-Canadian heritage of one of its owners, giving it a personal touch. It is situated directly on top of the Appalachia Kitchen. The menu comprises delightful dishes such as the Calamari Steak, Ribeye French Dip, Tuque’s Venison Black Bean Chili, Classic Poutine, and many others.

The majority of the meals cost approximately $15, making Tuque’s Bar and Grill one of the mid-range restaurants Snowshoe WV. It also has a bar that helps revitalize the place at night. There is a fun and fantastic atmosphere with bright decorations that feature pictures from the slope. The seating area is adequate, making it one of the restaurants that are easy to get a seat during busy times.

Restaurants in Snowshoe WV

Route 66 Restaurant

This restaurant provides a woodsy and warm feel with vintage-style artwork and signs as d├ęcor, creating an enjoyable dining experience. It has a convenience store inside that allows one to stock up on some snacks and beverages for the stay on the mountain. Route 66 Restaurant is famously known for all-day breakfast, pizza, and hot subs.

The menu comprises tasty breakfast platters and signature sandwiches like The Ethan Special, The Billy Bob, and the Sterling Panini with Chicken. They have relatively reasonable prices with excellent quality food. The restaurant serves breakfast the whole day and offers a takeaway option if someone is in a hurry.

The Locker Room Sports Bar

The Locker Room Sports Bar is the only sports bar in Snowshoe, and it has many bar games and more than 20 HDTVs. It is located in Silver Creek Resort and is quite spacious, with a lot of indoor and outdoor seating areas.

The inside also has a separate place for people to play games or host events. The building has adequate parking available; however, one has to pay for a parking permit. Typical bar food is served in this sports bar, like burgers, wings, nachos, and pizzas.

Some of the games available include billiards, foosball, golden tee, corn hole boards, and darts. One can watch sports like the NFL game, UFC fights, Nascar, and many more. The Locker Room is also the only place in Snowshoe where one can gamble. It also hosts karaoke nights and seasonal parties frequently.


Given the many great options of restaurants in Snowshoe, one has an idea of what to expect in regard to the menu options, location, and prices. They are all great places to recharge from the outdoor activities carried out throughout the day.

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